The Pulitzer Prize

Lets talk about how insane this Lilly Pulitzer for Target event was. I rolled up to Target in Waco at around 7:45AM and was probably 15th in line. Yeah 15th. Apparently, it wasn’t too big of a deal here but that didn’t stop everyone from running to the clothing and grabbing everything they possibly could. I was able to score a romper, dress, coverup, and giraffe flask. So that was pretty awesome! Don’t worry about those jerks on Instagram and Ebay jacking up the prices. If no one participates in their scams, they’ll have to return their items to target and we can all sleep at night knowing everyone will get their Lilly at the right price! I even stopped by Target yesterday and people had already returned some items they just grabbed on Sunday that obviously weren’t their size, so there’s hope my friends! Have a fantastic Tuesday and remember to keep checking your local Target stores.

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