The Glen Rose





When your parents convince you to come home and chauffeur your younger brother around for the weekend, you’ve gotta make the best of it. My lovely little Glen Rose has its perks. The Riverhouse Grill on the square has the best Sunday Brunch in town and when you start getting a sweet tooth you can head on down to the Pie Peddlers. This cute little shop is run by none other than Glen Rose elementary school teachers! How adorable is that? It’s also the best pie in town, besides Hammonds BBQ pie.. sorry, I’m biased.. I worked there for two and a half years. Jake and I decided to walk around the downtown square and check out what all has changed over the years. It’s been a while since I’ve actually taken the time to walk around my tiny towns square. Now it’s time to relax and have a pizza party of two tonight.

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