Artsy Fartsy

Yesterday my inner artist was just dying to come out, so I just went with it. Hurricane Bill was in full force all day, but between rainshowers I captured this radiant picture of the sun peaking out from behind the clouds. Thanks Hurricane Bill 🙂

What did my friend Jaclyn and I decide to do between the showers you ask? Get ice cream of course! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this freezing summer treat during a hurricane? No but really, who wouldn’t 😉  We ended up finding a slightly sketchy little hole in the wall off of Bosque called Coco’s. Let me just tell you that Coco’s is now my FAVORITE ice cream place in all of Waco! We tried the cotton candy and coconut flavors –  Delish! After our ice cream excursion, Jaclyn, my roommate Lizzy, and I went to Dichotomy off Austin Street for drinks. Lizzy had an Old Fashioned and Jaclyn and I drank mojitos. Turns out, I don’t like mojitos all that much but it was really pretty to look at! 😀  All in all, a rainy hurricaney day well spent 🙂

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