Le Parcel Subscription Box Review

I’m addicted to monthly subscriptions, and thought I stumbled upon the best one… I could not have been more wrong.  Before I rant, let me tell you a little bit about what I thought was going to be the best monthly subscription yet: a monthly care package for your time of the month!  What a brilliant idea for a monthly subscription! No one wants to go out and buy tampons and chocolate. The company “Le Parcel” will do that for you!  Le Parcel gives you the option of what type of tampons, pads, etc. you want every month, as well as getting the package to you before your next period.  Aside from the necessities, the company website also states it will send you great gifts and delectable chocolate. Basically after reading this, I was like “here take my money!!” The cost is $20 a month, but I was able to find a coupon and only paid $12.50. I received an email stating that my package would arrive no later than August 10th…and here’s where the rant begins. On August 15th…5 days after my package was supposed to arrive.  Remember, this monthly delivery is somewhat time sensitive. I decided to email Le Parcel customer service about not receiving my package, and asked if I could get a tracking number…no reply.  Needless to say, I canceled my subscription…but the story doesn’t end there!  After I cancelled my subscription, I was finally contacted on August 20th (if you’re keeping count this is 10 days after I was supposed to receive my package…still no package). The email stated that Le Parcel has nothing to do with the shipping once a package leaves their headquarters, but they would email me back once they knew a little more about the location of the package. Hah. I never received that email.  Now it’s August 24th and I just now received my package (14 days late!). Here are some lovely photos of the $12.50 I wasted.

This dinky little thing is my “awesome gift”
Yum! Squished melted chocolates!
Bottom line, Le Parcel is far from the best monthly subscription on the internet…it may just be the worst. Don’t waste your money or time on their crappy products and crappy customer service.

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