Back to School


It’s nearly September and with it, school will be back in session!  I’ve decided to put together some of my favorite things for back to school. It’s all about that backpack and planner these days! I found a great planner from this delightful little place called Bando. Check it out now! Like right now.
I’m also not super into makeup, but I do have an Ipsy subscription, which basically saves my life. I don’t know how to shop for makeup besides BareMinerals and my falsies mascara! Most of the stuff pictured is from Ipsy. They’re kind of the best. I’ll be sure to do a September Ipsy reveal soon. Back to school can be tough after three months of summer! I’ve been super amped these past couple days and realized I’ve only been drinking water, organic coffee, and green tea. It’s been working wonders for me, and will definitely come in handy when I start my lovely 8AM classes, yay! Until that time, however, duty calls – I’m  off to work. Have a lovely hump day!

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