High Tea

Last December my good friend Jaclyn gifted me with caramel cream loose leaf tea for Christmas. Woah… it was incredible! It tasted exactly like caramel. I couldn’t stop drinking it! I’ve only recently gotten into the habit of drinking a glass of tea a day, and the other day I thought I should order some fun flavors. I decided to purchase from the same shop that Jaclyn found the caramel cream flavor – David’s Tea. Lemme tell you, this stuff is fantastic! No lie. I ordered “Old Timey Treats” and “Coconut Ice”. What’s really cool about David’s tea is that they send you three free samples of their current season’s tea every time you order. I crossed my fingers for a sample of the Pumpkin Chai and guess who got a free sample of Pumpkin Chai? This chick right here.

This delectable tea got me thinking…wouldn’t it be cool to try a different type of tea every week and review it? I think YES! So that’s what I’m going to do. Today I tried the Cotton Candy loose leaf over ice. The flavor was spot on! Not too sweet or overbearing, but subtle and delicious. I can’t wait to try all of the other flavors and report back to you all. If you have any suggestions for teas to try let me know!

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