Springtime Showers

Here I am. All cooped up in my room on this rainy day sipping on coffee. The brew of my people. Bloggers. Ugh. I’ve been extremely exhausted lately. It may have to be the fact that juggling school and two jobs gets to you. I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to even jot something down. As you can see, the last time I posted was uhhh February 11th. Yeah. It’s February 23rd.

Well I’m going to Utah for Spring break with my bae, Cameron and I’m SOO ecstatic! I was thinking.. Hmm. What on earth am I going to bring on my trip to Salt Lake? I’ve created a spread of my favorite Spring pieces. Next to come will be a fun “What’s in my suitcase!” I’m so excited to post this! Anyone have any tips on what to bring? I’m not even sure what the weather is going to be like there compared to Waco, Texas!

Enjoy my personal favorites bunnies! Remember, when you’re exhausted like me, just take a breath, grab a coffee and keep pushing on. 

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