OUT with the old & IN with the new.


I’ve really been thinking lately. Blogging is hard. Well I mean actually typing out my feelings isn’t hard. I’m basically an emotional wreck 24/7; but actually having a blog people enjoy reading is tough. I read about how everyone I follow on Instagram started from nothing and is now thriving. Well nothing meaning they didn’t have any followers in the beginning. What I’m really trying to talk about is the fact that every blogger I follow seems to have the most expensive things, or the coolest vacations, or even the best body. It’s hard for me to relate to that and I’m sure it’s hard for a lot of other people out there to relate as well. I want my blog to really focus on me and ultimately my lovely followers and what they want to read, see, hear, etc. Even if my only follower is my mom, haha. Hi mom! I made it big huh? Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I think I’ve mostly been focusing on trying to make my blog like everyone else’s. Whether it was trying to be a trendy fashion blog or a hipster blog about food and hiking or even trying to have a million followers. Well today that changes. I finally bought my domain name and it’s time to get down to business. I don’t really know how that’s relevant but meh. Go with me here.

First, let’s start with me. I’m Tanna. Yes. Like Montana. You know but without the Mon and plus an “n”. My mom thought it would be cool to pull out a map when she was pregnant with me and go from there. I was almost Denver or Cheyenne. Haha it’s funny considering my siblings are Jake and Whitney. I guess she wanted to be different with me. Different I so am. I graduated from Glen Rose High School. A tiny ass town in Texas. I couldn’t wait to leave. Not that I didn’t care for the people there, I really did and still do, but I just needed something fresh. Something new. I started Baylor in the Fall of 2012 in Waco, TX. Hah. Yup. Good ole Waco. Heard of Fixer Upper?? Yeah that’s probably why you know Waco. Anywho, I took a year and a half off in 2015 to work and get my stuff together to be honest. I started as a fashion merchandise major, then switched to a business major, then decided communication was the place for me. Well, convincing my parents that was the place for me was a little more difficult. After some soul searching and time away they thought what the hell. Maybe that’s what she needs to do. I’m back at Baylor and plan to kick some ass in my major and get a great job after college. Man. Trying to pick your future from a course catalog at the ripe age of 17/18 isn’t the easiest task in the world. Please let me know below if it was for you? I’ll fist bump the hell out of you if it was. Finally, I’m on my path. I’m feeling life around me going in the right direction. I feel as if I’m ready to take on the world. Well maybe not this world. This world is pretty messed up currently. #prayersfororlando

So please comment below if you’re a broke college student. I’m just in awe at the fact that these other bloggers do so well. I mean how? I’m so proud and hope to achieve the same success you’ve made for yourself someday but dang.. It’s hard. I feel like sometimes it’s a pain to go take photos of myself. I mean I’m currently sitting in a t-shirt and nike shorts now with no makeup on and my hair wet from my shower. #classy

Also, I’m curious do the companies give you all the clothes and bags you take photos of? I’m over here like this is the 10th time I’ve worn this shirt in a photo and the nicest things I’ve ever gotten were Christmas gifts. I mean really, if anyone has answers to my questions please let me know. I also mean this all lightheartedly. I admire all bloggers. You guys kick butt at a job that I can’t even keep up with and my mom’s my only follower. -insert crying laughing emoji here-

Ultimately, I want my blog to be a place full of bargains and cake recipes and #realtalks. Probably more stuff too but hey. Who doesn’t like cake and sales? I want everyone to feel welcome and if anyone has tips for me on blogging or want to tell their stories please please comment or email me.

3 thoughts on “OUT with the old & IN with the new.

  1. You know I adore you Tanna Ray! 🙂 I had trouble choosing a major too and then when I did, I went with what others thought I should do instead of what I wanted to do. Big mistake. The first of many! ha! I so wish I had been half as wise and adventurous and brave as you are at this age….I was so lost. I wish you all the very best in your life. Look out Baylor – she's baaaaaaack! 🙂


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