Better Shape Up!

Alright. It’s that time for beach trips, tanning, and #healthyeats. It’s summertime in Texas. Which means you basically want to wear the least amount of clothing you possibly can because it’s ridiculously hot. Well.. if you’re not wearing much clothing then you’re going to want to look and feel good right? My definition of “looking good” is feeling fit and healthy. Being active any way you can helps. Even if it’s just taking a little walk. Having run cross country in high school and playing soccer meant I was always running. Which means my knees are so messed up now I probably shouldn’t ever run again! My solution to this is taking daily walks around my neighborhood and swimming every single morning. I wanted to share my easy workout routine with you as well as my diet. I’m a firm believer in portioning! I do love fruits and veggies naturally but I’m a sucker for cake and ice cream too. I feel like there are so many diets out there now days that you never really know what works and what doesn’t. You need to find out what you body likes and what your body doesn’t in my opinion. For example, I know my body doesn’t really care for dairy if ya catch my drift so I try to cut it completely out besides a scoop of ice cream here and there. Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear how you stay fit during the summer!

One Piece Suit – Nike
Goggles – Speedo
These are my favorite googles to swim with. I have trouble finding ones that don’t fog up and fit my face nicely and these are the BEST of both worlds and not very pricey either. As far as my suit goes, it’s really up to you on the fit. I have two speedos I love to wear but this nike one is a little more fun and extremely comfortable too. 

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