Can you say AGENDA?!

I may or may not be obsessed with my agenda. Being a college student involved in all sorts of things this has actually saved my life a couple times. What’s more fun than decorating and personalizing your to do list. Tell me. What’s more fun? Okay, I’m sure there a lot of things more fun but this is the most fun when it comes to life and school. Now there are so many different brands coming out with their own agendas and I’m here to help you choose the best one to fit your style! Just in time for school to start in August too. OR… if you’re taking summer school, like me, you could use it a little bit earlier. I’ve listed my personal favorite agendas below! Let me know which ones you can’t live without this coming year.
1. Kate Spade – $30.00-$40.00
2. Bando – $20.00-$32.00
3. Lilly Pulitzer – $18.00-$35.00
4. Rifle Paper Co. – $30.00-$34.00
5. Fringe Studio – $28.00
6. Day Designer – $9.99-$19.99
7. Julia Kostreva – $32.00
8. Every Moment – $28.00
9. The Happiness Planner – $59.00
10. MochiThings – $24.95-$35.95


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