adskfjhasfkjhalsfkjoeiurdaf. This is how I feel right now. Let’s talk about how stressful moving can be. It’s funny because I’m literally moving apartment complexes. Down the street from each other. I can’t imagine the people moving houses. AND then even moving houses across the country. I feel for you. I really do. I’ve been calling movers and trying to get as much help as I can, because come on. I’m a petite lady. I can’t haul a desk up the stairs. I mean let’s be real. I could.. I may break my back and fall down the stairs with the desk in tow, but do I really want to embarrass myself like that? Haha. Because of course I’m worried about embarrassing myself not about the fact that my body could be broken. The best advice I can give someone moving is GET HELP! It doesn’t have to be a moving company, but get any help you can find. Being a broke college student, I usually just pay my friends in dollar tacos! Hey. It works! Then after you finally get everything in your place you can take a deep breath and relax right? Wrong! You have to unpack everything. I don’t know if anyone else is like me but I feel like I have to unpack everything immediately. I want my place to be mine and cozy instantly. Which realistically is me trying to stay up all night but then falling asleep in the kitchen with all the lights on. Productive, I know. I’m a mess. I can’t be too upset about it though. I have a place to live and I’m beyond grateful for everything I’ve been given these past years. I just like to rant and get everything out and typed up. If you don’t have some sort of outlet, you need to get one. Seriously. I don’t know how I survived without blogging. I feel like I can type my every thought here and have no judgement. Well maybe there’s judgement but meh. This is my happy place. If everyone could find some way to release the stress they have imagine the world. I feel like it would be a lot happier. Side note: As I typed that last sentence I’m pretty sure I just heard my brother’s cat tumble down the stairs. I can’t stop laughing! Way to ruin a great moment Oakley.. Anyway, what I was saying was: find your thing. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I swim. Sometimes I blog. If you have your outlet already I would love to hear all about it!

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