Study Saturday!

Hey guys!
I started summer school last week and man oh man.. I completely forgot how intensive these classes can be because they cram a semesters worth of class work into about 20 days. I’m taking British Literature and Sociology. I’m thoroughly enjoying sociology thus far. It’s very interesting to see what makes people think certain things and why. Brit Lit on the other hand.. I was talking to my friend the other day, who majored in english, how she did it. I’m taking this one baby class over the summer and it’s rough. Trying to interpret what is actually being said is beyond me at points. It’s not that I really don’t enjoy the class or like the readings but it’s the fact that this is so foreign to me. haha foreign.. in my brit lit class. Anyway! The first week is completed and what I’ve found to be wonderful is PLANNING out my days. Thank goodness for my agenda. Seriously. It’s going to be a life saver in the Fall too. Basically, my days are: class, workout, study, play the occasional pokemongo, sleep, repeat. haha. Not too complicated right?! There it is. My life update! I try to do as much blogging as I can throughout the week but it’s looking the weekends are when it’s going to happen. I’m so excited for a new post coming up for you! Stay tuned AND make sure to enter my giveaway on my Instagram account.
Have a fabulous Saturday!

One thought on “Study Saturday!

  1. It sounds to me like your time management is superb! You will succeed in your summer classes, I am sure. Brit Lit sounds hard but you are very smart. I enjoyed your post. You are always so cheerful and positive, your post brings a smile to my face. Take care. XOXO Angela


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