Poppin’ Peplum

I feel like adding the blooper photos here & there helps me to laugh at myself!

Top: J.Crew Factory
Bottoms: J.Crew Factory
Shoes: J.Crew Factory
Bag: Kate Spade
It’s the start of a new week! What are you going to make of it? I like to set goals for the week. They may be small but it’s a great feeling to know you reached them come Friday and you can celebrate. Yall, I’m half way through summer school! Can you believe it? I feel like I just started. Hey.. I’m not complaining though. It’ll be nice to sleep for a good 12 hours when my classes are finally over. I’m still unpacking my apartment and hope to get it completely finished by the time I finish my summer classes. I’ll take some photos for you guys. I love decorating and making an apartment mine. Cozy and crazy. That should be my home design label. haha. Well this past Friday I decided to make a trip home to good ole Glen Rose. My brother just recently turned 17! I still don’t believe it, to be honest. He will forever be 12 in my eyes. We made a trip to Rough Creek Lodge to have lunch and celebrate him. If you’re ever in Glen Rose for whatever reason you must go to:
1. Fossil Rim (outdoor driving safari.. Yall.. SO WORTH IT. Giraffes eating from your hands)
2. Dinosaur Valley State Park (because dinosaurs!)
3. Rough Creek Lodge (because fancy and great food!)
I definitely missed home but I’m glad to be back in Waco. Plus my family is coming to visit in about two weeks for my brother to tour Baylor! Yay! As far as my outfit goes.. you guys! Everything I’m wearing is on sale! I linked the Kate Spade bag as well because how adorable is that? I’m kind of obsessed with the tricolor thing going on. Have a great Monday! 

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