5 Tips for College Students

Transitioning from living at home to living on a college campus can be a huge adjustment. I know that for me, it definitely was. I missed home, but was so excited to be on my own and explore what college could offer me. I polled some of my friends on what they considered the best tips were and wa-lah! We came up with some great things to consider.

1. Invest in a planner/calendar!
You may think you can remember everything due in your classes but there are so many times I just completely forgot what was due and when. My planner literally saves my life every single week. I always print out my syllabuses the first day of class and write everything in my planner. ALWAYS DO THIS IN PENCIL! Things change and professors miss classes. The best part about having a planner is actually picking out the planner, well to me anyway. I did a post not too long ago on the ultimate guide to getting the best agenda. Check it out here. Another tip is to always check your email! This is the best way for others to communicate with you. 

2. Don’t be afraid to join a group!
I’m in a business fraternity which is more geared towards my major in communication and entrepreneurship, but there are many groups for all different activities/majors/social groups. It was the best choice I ever made. Joining a group not only helps you bond with fellow college students, but helps motivate you to be successful. Many groups are very involved in philanthropy and service projects which are wonderful to be a part of and can also be helpful on a resume when you graduate. 

3. Don’t get discouraged!
College is a completely different chapter in your life and to many, it’s a difficult yet rewarding one. Coming into college I had never made a C in my life in school. Make your professors your friends. I met with my professors the first day of class and introduced myself. After, I made this connection it was easier to talk with them about grades and have them explain tests, essays, etc. I remember a specific occasion where I studied all night for an exam and received a C on it. I was devastated. I didn’t know why on earth I did so poorly so I went to the professor to ask about the exam. To my surprise, he said I had made a good grade. What?! How could that be possible? Well, college is hard my friends, but guess what? I learned how to study and better prepare for my exams. Honestly, I’m still learning. 

4. Make the right decisions for you! 
College is ALL about decisions. Should I go out with friends or stay in and study? Should I join this group or that group or both? If you think you need to study a little bit more then stay in and study more! I think that’s the best advice I could ever give for college students. This kind of goes along with what I said before about having a planner. Plan out your schedule. Sometimes you can get wrapped up in everything college’s have to offer and want to take advantage of it all. With that being said, some people can balance everything, but a lot can’t. Try to make the best decisions that will benefit you in the future. Have your goal in mind and always reach for that goal. Maybe accept a job or internship that correlates with your major or what you want to do after graduation. Don’t freak yourself out though if you do make a decision you regret. It happens to everyone! Learn from that experience and move on. 

5. Have fun okay?
You’re in college! You made it this far and you CAN do it! You’re going to have those nights where you literally cry your eyes out from stress and don’t know what to do, but guess what? You’re surrounded by fellow students in the same position. They’ll pick you up, give you ice cream, and help you cram for that test the next morning. As you will most likely do the same for someone too. Make friends because in college, they become your family. 

Comment tips you have below!

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