The Most Useful Things to Bring to College

Before moving into your dorm as a freshman what’s the first thing that comes to mind? What on earth am I going to bring?! My favorite stores to get the best stuff for college are hands down Target and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Not only can you find super cute things but it’s reasonably priced too. So let’s talk about dorm room necessities. In my opinion, if you have everything listed below before you move into your lovely new dorm room home you’ll be good to go! 

These are the purchases I was sooooo happy to have invested in and I’ll explain why. 

1. Shower Caddy
Most dorms don’t have bathrooms. Hello community bathrooms. Bleh. They honestly aren’t that bad unless you get ready to take a shower, walk down the hall and find out they’re all being used. YAY sharing with everyone else in the hall. A shower caddy is great to put all your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, loofah, etc. in. All you have to do is grab your caddy and walk down the hall. Here are some of my personal favorites.

Target – $6.99
Vera Bradley – $34.00

2. Towel Wrap
This helped me from dropping my towel and mooning everyone in the hall while carrying all my things to the bathroom. haha! Plus, there are so many cute options for everyone’s style.

Bed, Bath, & Beyond – $16.99
Target – $12.99
Marley Lilly – $42.99

3. Shower Shoes

ARE A MUST! You know that floor is going to be gross with a million other girls showering in the same shower as you. I just used a pair of Old Navy flip flips but now they have some cute shoes specifically for this with holes in them. How smart is that?
Target – $14.99
Old Navy – $2.50

4. Surge Protector 

Oh man oh man oh man! These things totally saved my life and still are while I’m living in my apartment. I kid you not my dorm room had about two outlets and they were, I swear right next to each other, and of course in the worst locations. Oh and remember I had a roommate. We had about 3 surge protectors in our room I think. Maybe more. haha. I had my TV, laptop charge, phone charger, lamp, scentsy, etc. You name it, I had it plugged in. 
Target – $24.99
Amazon – $29.99

5. Desk Lamp

Everyone’s sleep schedule is different, especially in college. Having a desk lamp helps you work in your dorm while your roommate is sleeping. Mine came in handy quite often. How cool is this last one?! So fancy and futuristic. 
Target – $24.99
Ikea – $14.99

6. Mattress Pad
Dorm mattress are terrible. Imagine the worst mattress ever. Yeah well these are probably worse. I had at least 6 inches of padding on mine, maybe more. You’re going to want to be as comfortable as possible in your dorm room so I would definitely invest. 

Target – $15.99
Kohl’s – $14.99

7. Coffee Maker
Because what else is going to wake you up in the morning? I had a bright yellow keurig in my dorm and this thing was my baby. If you’re not a coffee fan, have no fear. K-cups have all sorts of beverage cups now. Another tip when it comes to having a coffee maker is that you can boil water easily which means: ramon, mac & cheese, oatmeal, etc. The good stuff! You learn a lot of tricks when it comes to making food in a dorm room. Have you ever made cookies on an iron? I have. 

Target – $19.99
Walmart – $99.88

8. Laundry Hamper
Guess who has to walk down the hall with their laundry? You do. Having a nice hamper or basket to carry everything makes having to do your own laundry a little better. I would also recommend buying laundry pods. They make doing laundry easy and store nicely in your dorm. Another recommendation would be color catchers! Guess what? With these babies, you don’t have to sort your laundry. How fabulous is that?

Target – $3.99
PB Teen – $24.00

9. Closet Storage
If you’re a crazy person like me and decide to bring your entire closet with you to college, because you never know what kind of outfit you’ll need, you’ll NEED storage. This category will be a little different. I’m going to list the best pieces to purchase to purchase that make storing everything in a tiny closet a whole heck of a lot easier. 

Bed, Bath, & Beyond
Hanging Shoe Organizer – $14.99
Spinning Closet Organizer – $19.99
Over-The-Door Hook – $14.99
5 Tier Hangers – $7.99
Underbed Storage Bags – $14.99
3-Drawer Storage Cart – $10.19
6 Cube Organizer Shelf – $34.99
Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer – $19.99

10. Headphones
Remember, you’ll have a roommate. When you decide you wanna have a netflix night in bed or watch Jenna Marbles videos on youtube, you’re roommate might be studying for a test. Having headphones allows you to do whatever you want while keeping the room fairly quiet. I still wear my headphones all the time, so having a good pair is definitely necessary. 

Target – $99.99
Bose – $24.00

You’re gold baby! Solid gold.
PS: Dorm decor post coming soon!

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