A Semester’s Worth of Thoughts

Hi friends!
Man, it’s been a minute! How the time has flown by. I can’t believe it’s already December and I’m about to fly to Denver to catch up with my older sister then make a 12 hour drive back to good ole Texas for our family Christmas.
The school semester is over and it was a great one. I always felt like I learned so much when I went to school and took classes but after this semester taking classes within my major, I feel invigorated. I wanted to learn so much more. My favorite classes hands down were nonverbal communication and interpersonal communication. I never wanted to miss a class because I was so intrigued with what my professors had to say everyday. This feeling made me feel as though I finally found my path. This is why I was away for so long, as well as being as involved as possible with my business fraternity. Phew, it’s like I can finally breathe after this semester, but not in a “omg this semester was too much” way, but more of “omg this semester was awesome I didn’t have time for anything else” way.
I know it’s common for people to say they have grown as a person but I genuinely feel like I’m headed in the right direction. I may have lost some things a lot the way but I’m ready to charge forward and grow even more as a person. I realized over this semester that I can’t lose who I always set out to be. Often, we find ourselves looking into a mirror and not being able to tell who we are. I felt that way a couple times and it was scary but I think where the growing came into play was when I sat myself down and said “this isn’t you Tanna! Get it together.” That’s when I could finally be happy with my decisions and thrive. I’m so excited to be blogging again and I can’t wait to share about my travels and exciting future plans.

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