Greeking out

As many of you know I’m very involved in my professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. This semester I’m in charge of recruitment, which has been a lot. Man, I thought I knew what I was getting into but it’s a significant amount of work. Thankfully, I’m enjoying every bit of it. Yeah, sometimes it’s stressful but I can’t wait until our recruitment events to see how all our hard work pays off.

Last semester I was contacted by a company who makes custom greek apparel called Jenna Benna and their sister company The Greek Ink Press. The timing of this was pretty funny actually. I had recently ordered some custom sweatshirts for our big/little reveal night from a different company called Something Greek. They were great at first, but after a couple times of wear the threading around the letters started to fray. I was so bummed because we spent a good amount of money on these sweatshirts AND paid extra for shipping.

For that reason, I was skeptical at first when Jenna Benna contacted me. After surfing their website and seeing what all they offer I was curious as to what patterns I could use and pair with certain colors on different products. Yall.. glitter! So many glitter options. I really liked the fact that they had more options of products available that were more my style. Their website made it 100 times easier to choose fabrics and see what your design looks like compared to other websites too; and trust me, I’ve seen a lot.

What I truly value in a company is customer service. Honestly, this company kept me in the loop about everything. They emailed me to let me know when they received my order, when they began production, and when they shipped my order. That, to me, is huge. Then to have the products in my hands and feel the quality compared. Fabulous. Have you ever received something custom and it’s on some crappy itchy sweatshirt/tshirt? It’s the worst! Well, this wasn’t the case with Jenna Benna. The tshirt and quarter zip were super soft and where the letters were placed didn’t itch on the inside. Then having this dope tank with an awesome dog wearing a suit and bowtie AND having it represent my fraternity. A+ yall! Not only do they have custom greek apparel, but they monogram and have other custom accessories. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! I’m so happy with my products and can’t wait to wear them during our recruitment events and plan to order more! But wait, there’s more! Use my code “COLLARTOCOLLAR” for free shipping.











Quarter Zip – Jenna Benna
Crewneck T-shirt – Jenna Benna
Jeans – J. Crew Factory
Sandals – Birkenstock
High Tops – Converse
Dog Tank Top – The Greek Ink Press
Sports Bra – Victoria’s Secret
Yoga Pants – 90 Degrees
Tennis Shoes – Nike

Have a fabulous week and let me know what you think below friends!

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