Get Outta Here

Happy Wednesday!

Y’all, I definitely thought it was Thursday yesterday and then today I thought it was Monday. I don’t know what’s going on. Have you ever felt like that?

How often does your style change? I feel like my style is constantly changing. The other day, I was sitting on my bed thinking about all the clothes I have in my closet I haven’t touched in an embarrassingly long time. I have a few pieces that I’ll never give away but others I just don’t wear. I’ve been very, let’s say, comfy this semester. In other words, I haven’t dressed up too much for classes. Anyway, I sat there thinking of all the money spent on these clothes I haven’t touched; and that’s where the tornado hit. I jumped off my bed and into my closet. I started pulling shorts, shirts, dresses, anything I could get my hands on, off their hangers and into a pile. There were tons of things I didn’t wear and probably wouldn’t wear.

I decided to sort them into piles. Sell and Donate. It was really interesting to see how my style had changed looking at all these different pieces. I’ve gained a more simplistic style lately. So out with the striped and polka dot skirts and in with the yoga pants and comfy American Eagle soft & sexy tshirts. By the way, if you haven’t heard of these. Man oh man, are you missing out. These things are wonderful. I wear them to my yoga class with yoga pants and I’m soooo comfy. Plus they come in a million different styles. Dress them up, dress them down, never take them off. That’s me. haha.

Sidetracked, like usual. I have created a Poshmark page to sell my clothing! Please check it out if you’re interested in buying anything or just want to browse. Has anyone sold on Poshmark before? I really like their entire website. They make everything super easy. I’ve sold on Ebay before and that’s easy but Poshmark is even simpler than that. I’ll be added a lot more as the day goes on and everything should be up by tonight!

Let me know what you think!

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