Yo Yo Yoga

I’ve been really into the comfy casual look lately while I’m cramming for tests and driving around Waco taking photoshoots. I had been hearing awesome things about the Lululemon yoga pants but was really turned off because of the price. They run about $98 on average. I usually buy my yoga pants from Marshalls or Kohls (the Fila ones). I asked two of my closest friends who have a couple pairs of Lululemon tights if they were really worth it. They raved about the pairs they had and said that on the site they have a tab called “we made too much” which is their sale area. I picked out two different pairs for $79 each. Which is still pretty expensive, but if they really are amazing then it’s totally worth it.

Featherlight Tight – $79.00
Fresh Tracks Tight – $79.00
Fit Physique Tight – $79.00
Wunder Under Pant – $69.00

Y’all! They truly are worth it. The yoga pants are thicker and really hug your body in all the right places. I ended up ordering another pair with pockets on the sides too. Basically I live in these Lululemon tights now. I really want to try out their shorts for when it gets hotter in Texas. Well, when its consistently hot. haha! Let me know what you think!

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