NYX Lipstick Review

This lipstick. It’s fabulous. I was beyond happy to see it in my February Ipsy bag! The way it goes on is actually like butter. No lie. What’s even better is that you can buy it at Target or your local Ulta store. It stays on your lips all night too. I don’t recall having to apply more when I made my way to the bathroom during the evening, which is pretty often. Small bladder here, haha.

The only issue with this lipstick is it really depends on the shade you get. The red is called lifeguard and it’s great but the other is not so great. It’s called block party. I was hoping to wear it to my formal last semester and bought it thinking it would be a beautiful plum color. Boy was I wrong. It goes on sheer and you must apply a couple layers to get it to a solid color. Once it’s on, it’s a blackish color. Not the color I was thinking. I probably should have tested it out first in the store on my hand. Make sure you test out the shades before you buy them and you’ll be A-okay!

Is the price worth it?

Is there a coupon code?
Yes! Ipsy usually has great coupon codes for their products! Use code “butterup” here to save 25% off before March 31, 2017

My overall rating is:

3/5 collars because of the shade issue

Let me know if you have any questions or if you’ve tried the product. I’d love to know what you thought about it!


2 thoughts on “NYX Lipstick Review

  1. The red looks gorgeous on you! I can never find a red that works on me…I always end up looking like a crazed
    marionette or something. LOL Glad one out of two colors worked for you! 🙂


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