A 5 Starry Review of Kissbobo’s Adhesive Bra

What’s worse than buying a cute dress or top that you can’t wear a bra with? I don’t know about you, but I hate putting on pasties that do their job but don’t perk up the girls! You end up with this super cute top/dress, but everything is sagging underneath. Pasties also don’t last! I have about 6 pairs of them in my closet because the adhesive runs out after one night of use. Y’all, I have been looking everywhere for an adhesive bra that doesn’t sacrifice shape and ultimately makes you feel good about not wearing a “real” bra. I’ve tried so many different ones, but the main concern I had was comfort. Most of them would stick and provide decent shape, but then they would start slipping or itching! I thought I’d never find the goldilocks of adhesive bras – one that provides both adhesion, shape, and comfort…but I was wrong!

Drum roll please…

I found the answer to my prayers you guys! Kissbobo‘s strapless adhesive silicone bra. When I took it out of the box it felt like I was holding a real bra – not an adhesive one. They have a YouTube video on how to put it on correctly which makes such a huge difference. I wore the bra for an entire day – complete with sweating, dancing, and tons of moving around to see if it really would last. It did. Don’t think it can get any better?? Well, what else is annoying about sticky bras? The sticky runs out. You end up with this “adhesive” bra that doesn’t even stick to you anymore. The Kissbobo bra only needs to be washed with warm water after your night/day of use and then leave it to air dry. The adhesive regenerates itself for the next use. WHAT? I haven’t tried any bras before that do this. These bras are very affordable as well, which makes this an A+ product!

My overall rating:
5/5 collars

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns! Tata for now lovelies.

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