Lovin’ This Beary Much

Something I really love about social media is how easy it is to build a relationship with individuals you’ve never met before. I’ve built a couple relationships with great bloggers who have helped me significantly. Being able to ask questions or help others in the same boat is incredible. The environment may seem super competitive, which sometimes it can be, but it’s also very enjoyable. The other day, I was looking up Waco hashtags and stumbled upon Bearly Southern, a trendy shop that creates a fun assortment of paper goods created by Mary Johnson. I gave them a follow and received a sweet message a couple hours later stating that they liked my page and would love to send me some postcards! As you are probably well aware, bloggers receive a lot of stuff to feature on their blogs. Cheap marketing y’all! See, I’m learning something in my business classes, haha. Anyway, I pride myself on honesty and integrity when it comes to talking about products in my little part of the web and won’t say I like something if I truly don’t. I very much rely on reviews when I’m shopping therefore, if everyone lied about actually liking a product they don’t, what would reviews even be? Not reviews. I’m also a big fan of supporting local businesses and fellow Baylor bears! I received these postcards and was beyond happy. Mary sent me tons of post cards AND included a cute notepad! How kind is that? This is why I sincerely love the blogging and social media world. The kindness. Fellow Baylor friends check her stuff out! Not a Baylor fan? Don’t you worry, she has other adorable products too. 

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