Spring Flowers with Urban

Spring in my head reminds me of flowers, which is probably why I’ve been wearing a lot of floral lately. I was able to shoot back home over Easter weekend and in my hometown we have these old ruins. How cool are these? Great for a backdrop that’s for sure. Many people take their prom photos here or senior pictures. I didn’t do either of those, so I figured it was about time I took some pictures here! Kidding, I was touring my boyfriend around and thought, “Man I should have been taking photos here all along.” Of course, I didn’t think ahead too much. That would have been ideal. Lately, being a blogger in school and having a job is hard. I’m lucky if I’m able to schedule a photoshoot right outside my apartment! My main issue is allocating my time accordingly. My planner is seriously saving my life y’all. BUT I was able to take a moment and enjoy this past weekend and get some great photoshoots in. 

Dress – Urban Outfitters – Similar & Similar
Shoes – J.Crew – Similar from Nordstrom
Hat – J.Crew

This dress and my shoes are out of stock now, but I’ve linked some similar items above! Urban Outfitters is killing the spring/summer dress game right now.

3 thoughts on “Spring Flowers with Urban

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