Fun Fun Fun

Happy Friday y’all! I can’t believe we made it. It’s my last day of classes before finals and I’m ready to take on the coming week. I’ll be making quizlets all day, which are online flashcards. If you don’t know what quizlet is, or haven’t utilized it, oh my gosh. You’re missing out. Gone are the days of a million hand written notecards. This weekend is going to be a busy one. I have my business fraternity’s formal in Austin tomorrow and I’m sooooo stoked. I’ll be taking tons of snaps, don’t worry! A trend I’m digging right now are fun bags. Not just fun, but a little bit crazy too. If you have to wear a purse, might as well make it a fun one. There are so many designs out there right now. The other day, my friend bought a bag that looked like a lemon! I personally adore this trend and hopped right on board the crazy bag train. Below are my favorites for the summer. 

1. Myth Pleasure Purse
2. Crossbody Bag with Fastening Detail
3. LYDC Octopus Clutch Bag
4. Skinnydip Cracked Iridescent Talk to the Palm Cross Body

8. Spice Things Up Straw Orange Crossbody

Which ones are your favorites?

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