Comfy Casual With J.Crew

Shirt – Striped Studio T-Shirt – Similar
Dress – Striped Modal Pocket Dress – Similar
Bag – Cameron Street Clarise – Similar
Shoes – Keds for Kate Spade Glitter Sneakers
Earrings – Leather Tassel Earrings

Comfy casual is how I truly wish to live my life, haha. Who else feels this way? When it comes to easy to throw on comfy clothes, I always look to J.Crew. Their knits and t-shirt section is my favorite, especially in the Texas summer heat. Then throw in that lovely humidity and BAM you are sweating ALLLLL the time. These shirts and dresses breathe very easily, so you’re not sweating all up in your nether regions! Which I’m very thankful for. It’s officially summer here in Waco, mostly because I turned in my last text book and now I’m planning my May trips to my boyfriend’s, cousin’s, and little brother’s graduations from college and high school! I’ll be all over the place but keeping you updated along the way. I start my new job this summer working on campus, which I’m beyond excited about and will continue my marketing internship. This girl will definitely be busy, that’s for sure. I have to stay busy though. It’s a great feeling to have lots of things to do. Well, maybe if those things aren’t homework and essays. Fun stuff like work and blogging haha! I’ve been talking with local Waco businesses to work with recently because I think that getting to know and build relationships with people is extremely important but it’s even more important and beneficial to build those relationships with people in your vicinity. I’ll keep you guys updated on what’s happening in good ole Wacotown! Happy Hump Day!

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