My Experience with ThredUP

In January I cleaned out my closet, but wasn’t to sure where I wanted to donate/sell my clothes. I tried Poshmark first and quickly gained about 500 followers, but none of my items sold…it was super weird. Most of the brands I was selling were J.Crew, Banana Republic, Gap, Ann Taylor, and Forever 21, but no one wanted to buy any of my clothes, so I went back to the drawing board. I’d been hearing great things about ThredUP, so I decided I would go ahead and try it out – why not right? My sister had bought some Lululemon stuff from their site, and really loved that they offered specials when you buy during certain times (like President’s Day sales, etc.). My first impression was great – they have such a cool website, so I requested a bag to be sent to me to send them my clothes to sell, which costs $9 to cover the shipping costs. They said they would take this $9 fee out of whatever I earned once they received my clothing, shoes, and bags. I stuffed one bag so full that I had to request another one, so now I was up to about $20 that ThredUP would be taking from my potential earnings. I sent them high quality, very lightly worn clothes. I didn’t think that this $20 fee would really cut into my sales much.

I took my two bags to the FedEx here in town, and they shipped the bags for me in March. I logged onto my selling tab on ThredUP’s website and saw that they received my items March 21st, but I wouldn’t be able to see what they were going to offer me until April 28th! I figured that it would take awhile for them to look through everything, but I didn’t think it would take that long. I waited patiently though and logged onto my selling tab on the 28th. I couldn’t believe it…they offered me hardly anything!!! If I had known how very little I would be getting back from selling on ThredUP, I would have taken my stuff to the local consignment store in Waco for store credit or probably more cash than ThredUP offered me. I gave them one of my gently used Fossil Bags for crying out loud and it went to the upfront category of payment. I thought that was very interesting. Why was a J.Crew skirt in the consignment category but my 100% leather purse wasn’t. You don’t get your clothes back they don’t want to sell either unless you pay $10 more for a bag in the beginning.

I saw that most of my stuff was selling super fast too, which was kind of irritating. I really couldn’t be too upset though. People were getting great deals, like my sister did. When I went to cash out, I discovered that the “upfront” cash they offered me wasn’t even upfront. I was going to have to wait about 3 weeks until I got paid. ThredUP offers two options: 1) receive your money via Paypal and give ThredUP 2% of your earnings, or 2) have them ship you a Visa card in two weeks. I feel like it’s been forever since I send my bags to ThredUP and it’s going to take even longer to see the money I did make.

Bag #1



Bag #2
Overall, the process was fairly easy to do, but you don’t get hardly any money back; and if you do, it’s barely anything minus the shipping costs. ThredUP is a great website for the consumer, but not so much for the seller. Have you bought or sold anything on ThredUP before? How was your experience?

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