My Advice on Blogging

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about blogging lately and felt like this would be a good time to post about my experiences and offer some advice to each of you.

Individuals start blogs for various reasons. Mine was an escape. Where I could truly display my passion for fashion. Of course when I first started blogging I wanted to be like every other blogger. You think that’s what you’re supposed to do. They posed like that so I’m going to do that in my next photoshoot. Well, if it’s cute enough maybe, but you get where I’m coming from. You’re not going to be happy with your blog if it isn’t 100% YOU! You can see who isn’t themselves. Its extremely easy to tell. So being yourself will help you in the long run believe me. Plus its very refreshing to see individuals being themselves in a somewhat saturated industry. I’ve learned the blogging world is very kind. We support each other and share in one another’s successes. My followers are my family because they support me for being me.

This is probably the hardest part of blogging. When I first started I was OBSESSED with how many people were following me and unfollowing me. I would take it so personally if I lost followers. Well, this isn’t what blogging is about. Sometimes blogging can be toxic. Don’t let it get the best of you. I took about 6 months off from blogging because I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I was beating myself up about it. It was because I wasn’t being myself and worrying more about numbers. I’ve only recently realized that’s not what blogging is all about. The amount of followers you have isn’t truly what matters. Yes, it’s what can make you famous and certified eventually, but there are these individuals called micro-influencers too. Basically it depends on your like to following ratio and how engaged your followers are with you. My favorite article that describes this is linked here. As long as you’re yourself and really engage with other individuals you’ll grow. Be genuine.

Don’t wait around for individuals or brands to reach out to you! Contact them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been the one to reach out. The worst thing they are going to do is tell you no. Ouch. That hurt. It really didn’t. A no isn’t going to kill you. It’s going to make you stronger. Don’t be discouraged. Keep being persistent. Don’t give up. Take initiative and sell yourself. You are a wonderful individual building your brand as a blogger. If you’re confident in yourself it will 100% show. I tell the brand who I am, what I do, and then lead them straight to my blog. Contact brands that you like, if you don’t like the product then you’re not going to be able to blog about it naturally. Look on the brand’s website, Instagram, or even Twitter, for a contact email and go from there. Usually you’ll be connected to someone who can help you. If they don’t reply in about a week, send a follow-up email. Be honest with brands and again be yourself. Most brands want something new and different, so if you’re like everyone else… See where I’m going with this?

The amount of times I’ve Googled something is endless. If you have questions, reach out to other bloggers too. More often than not, they’ll share advice with you. I know I have because others did for me. Look at other people’s websites, obviously don’t copy something exactly, but this will help you out a lot when you’re first getting started. See what you like and what you don’t like. Read as much as you can. In my free time, I will read other bloggers post on how they started or articles about increasing social media trends. If you don’t understand how to do something on your blog like coding or adding widgets, I’m sure there is someone else who has felt the same way. The answers are most likely out there on the internet. I’ve found answers to almost every question I’ve had on blogging; and if I didn’t find the answer I made it up along the way and possibly created something new.

There are so many opportunities to grow out there for bloggers. I believe that being kind and sharing advice to others is a way we can all grow together and thrive. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! This is your place. Show your true colors! If you have other questions feel free to ask them in the comments below!

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