My Favorite Neck Scarves

Neck Scarves

1. Tropical Floral Print Square Neckerchief
2. Tropical Print Bandana Scarf
3. Echo Le Jardin Square Silk Scarf
4. Navy Boats Printed Bandana
5. Reclaimed Vintage Inspired Gingham Bandana
6. Embellished Choker Scarf
7. Dusky Green Scarf
8. Hot Pepper Silk Bandana
9. Do Your Thing Scarf

It seems like the days of neck scarves are back and I’m totally jumping on this train! I feel like I’m in a foreign French film wearing a neck scarf. Does anyone feel the same? Not only that, but it truly adds that extra something to any outfit. I’ve even been using my old camp bandanas as neck scarves lately with my favorite American Eagle Soft & Sexy shirts. These aren’t anything special besides being extremely comfy, but add a neck scarf and BAM! Dolled up and ready to roll. These neck scarves above are my favorites right now! How about #6? It has beading and can be worn as a cute choker! What about #8?! Of course I have a Kate Spade scarf included. They always have the CUTEST designs. I’ve got this baby on my wishlist for sure! What do you think about this trend?
What I've Been Wearing

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