Setting Goals & Achieving Success

IMG_3839-1Since starting my blog, I’ve set goals for myself. That was an accomplishment within itself, believe me. I’ve never been one to truly set goals and keep up with them. Blogging not only helped me set goals for my blogging career but for my time in college as well. Having something to strive for makes everything seem worth it in a sense.

Before I started I followed a handful of bloggers and realized most of them used At the time it worked solely through direct links and emails. To be honest, I thought this was one of the coolest things to be a part of because of how easy it became to shop what other bloggers were wearing or recommending. All you had to do was like their photo if you were signed up through and then you would receive an email almost instantly. This is when I knew was something I wanted to be included in. I already took loads of photos of myself and my surroundings and loved bargain shopping. This would be a perfect way to show my creative side and live my passion. Little did I know, blogging is a LOT of work. Creating content can be difficult sometimes, and setting up a website the way you want can be very challenging. I take it all as such a learning experience now. Pshhh I’m still learning new things about blogging AND myself everyday!

I sat down at my desk after finally deciding on the name of my blog and wrote out what I wished to accomplish in the distant future, the next month, and the end of the week. Having goals truly motivated me to keep going, and the people around me saw how much time, sweat, and tears blogging ultimately takes. I wouldn’t have been able to do what I’m doing today without my wonderful friends and family, and my blogger friends and family! I cannot explain how encouraging other bloggers can be. That’s why I strive to help others too. I have been writing out my weekly goals and monthly goals at the beginning of every week or month. At first, I recall getting upset if I didn’t complete each goal for that time period. That started turning my goal setting into something negative. I realized that wasn’t going to make me happy. I had to be positive. If I didn’t reach a goal I had to turn around and think of how far I still came. Maybe I only reached 75% of my goal for the week or month but hey, that’s still 75% and in my book that’s amazing!! Even 1% is progress! It’s tough not to be hard on ourselves because we can be our biggest critics. I know I am. I can be OH SO hard on myself but that isn’t healthy all the time. You must love yourself for the dedication and progress you are achieving. My longterm goals are very important to me, but my short term goals are what I focus on more often because they will ultimately get me to where I need to be to achieve my distant future goals. I can remember writing down on a macaron sticky note from Michael’s my goals for the distant future or my mega goals as I called them:

1. Be part of
2. Reach 10K followers
3. Be reposted by Kate Spade

To me, these are goals I just slapped down on paper and didn’t think much more about because they were so far away. Obviously, they are some things I sincerely wanted, don’t get me wrong there, they were just not my main focus. These goals always seemed far from my reach when I first started Sometimes I thought I had to be at a certain amount of followers to gain some of the other goals I wanted. This is what can really hurt on social media. Worrying about followers rather than yourself. This is a place for YOU. It’s where you can let your creative juices flow and shine.

I reached one of my mega goals this week. I am now part of the family. Just typing out that sentence seems so unreal to me. I had applied to twice before I was accepted. They make you wait 3 months before you can apply again to see how your growth is doing. I was pretty upset being rejected the first time and still upset the second but not as much. I wasn’t going to let a rejection email stop me from being who I am and doing what I love to do. I love to share about myself and my journey with blogging. Receiving that rejection letter a second time only motivated me to kick butt at blogging and prove to them that I wasn’t going to get rejected a third time, but if I did I would keep on keeping on. I wanted to achieve this goal, so I wasn’t going to give up.

My advice for successful goal setting is to celebrate when you achieve your small and short term goals because those are what take you to where you need to be to achieve your MEGA goals. I still have 2 mega goals to achieve and I’m not about to slow down now. If anything, I might add another mega goal to the list! Take time to love yourself and celebrate your big wins, but never give up on your dreams. You seriously can do anything when you put your mind to it. I never in a million years saw myself blogging and creating real friendships via social media, and look at where I am now. I’m not near where I want to be, but I’ve made an extreme amount of progress, and remember that if you don’t 100% meet your goals by the deadline it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep on pursuing them because even 1% IS something.

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2 thoughts on “Setting Goals & Achieving Success

  1. Hi Tanna!
    I loved this post! I’m a new blogger and I LOVE checking out your Insta and seeing what great content you are creating! This post really encourages me to keep making my blog better. Seeing your goals and how you’ve recently reached one of them really gives me confidence that I can do the same! Congrats on reaching your mega goal! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    – Danielle |


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