Off to the Land of Kiwis

I’m off to Auckland, New Zealand! That’s right. I said NEW ZEALAND!! I still can’t believe it, to be completely honest. I don’t think I truly will until I step off the plane in Auckland. Y’all. I cannot stress enough, don’t think something is too big. Get out there and do it. I never in a million years thought I would be interning in middle earth but here I am.

I want to see the world while I’m still young and explore it. Not only that, but be immersed in the different cultures and atmospheres of the world. My biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t take no for an answer. What I mean by that specifically is, many people around me over the years have said “you can’t possibly do that” or “you could never go there”. I started working at the age of 14. Yeah.. that’s crazy huh? This was a way to understand the value of money and start to build up my resume. Of course I didn’t realize I was building my resume at the time, haha! I was working for money and going to the movies with friends.

Last year around December I was looking into going on a study abroad with my university to London! I wanted to go so badly. I applied for numerous jobs because I would have to get a second job to save up the money to go. I talked with my parents and unfortunately it just wasn’t something we could do at the time. Of course I was upset I couldn’t go but I couldn’t be too upset. I promised myself I would eventually go to London and explore on my own after college. During this time I had applied for this internship but didn’t think too much about it. Come March, I was contacted to interview, and you know the rest! Basically, I received my study abroad. Don’t let the no’s in your life bring you down. Let them motivate you. Sometimes things do happen for a reason. If I had committed to going to London and paid the deposit, I wouldn’t have been able to say yes to New Zealand!

Build relationships with others and don’t be afraid to reach out to people you may not know. Most of the time, they’re beyond kind and willing to help. If they aren’t, just contact someone else. haha! Building my resume and making connections is what helped me tremendously to receive this internship.

I will be interning at a marketing/ search engine operation company in Auckland for four weeks. FOUR WEEKS Y’ALL! I put my resume out there and stated what I wanted to do in the future and was contacted about this internship. I was able to interview and then invited to come on down! I thought might as well put that I would like to work in New Zealand, along with a ton of other countries when applying for positions.

Never give up on your dreams. I’ve been dreaming of going to New Zealand for years! It’s been on my bucket list for such a long time and now I’ll get to put a checkmark right next to it ❤ I’ll be keeping you all updated on my adventure abroad.
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One thought on “Off to the Land of Kiwis

  1. “””many people around me over the years have said “you can’t possibly do that” or “you could never go there”””
    LOVE THIS BIT. If there’s one thing I have learned it is that people constantly tell you what you can’t do! Turns out they are probably just too afraid to take risks themselves. Never take their word for it.
    Also on a fun side note I started working when I was 11 and have not looked back.
    Great piece 🙂 Hope New Zealand was awesome!


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