The 13 Best Passport Covers Around

I wanted a passport cover for the longest time. They have so many options. Classic. Cute. Fun! I kept seeing them on Kate Spade‘s website or Bando‘s and thinking “man I need to get me one of these”. I haven’t traveled out of the country enough or often enough to really need one though. When I found out I was going to New Zealand I knew I HAD to get one, but life got in the way and I completely forgot about it. This past weekend my sweet mother surprised me with this beautiful blue Kate Spade passport cover! I LOVED this one specifically because of the card slots. I’m able to have my ID, credit card, and extra cash in it. I easily checked into my flight at the counter without having to rummage through my backpack for my credit card in my wallet or my ID on the back of my phone. Everything could be in one cute place!

passport covers
1. Leather Passport Cover
2. Monogram Passport Case & Luggage Tag
3. Getaway Passport Holder – Endless Summer
4. Rebecca Minkoff Adventure Awaits Passport Case
5. Near & Far Travel Accessories
6. J.Crew Factory Leather Passport Case
7. Personalized Passport covers – Set of Four
8. Anthropologie Jet Set Travel Passport Cover
9. The Expedition Personalized Leather Passport Cover Holder Compass Passport
10. I’m Outta Here Passport Holder
11. CAMERON STREET travel passport holder
Two others that aren’t pictured but worth taking a peek at!
12. Colorful Map Passport Holder
13. Cactus on White Passport Holder

Which ones do you like the most?? Tanna sig

3 thoughts on “The 13 Best Passport Covers Around

  1. Quite an interesting post topic! Most bloggers dont really talk about it so kudos on deciding to make a post on it! I travel quite a bit and am definately going to buy one of these before my next trip! Really like that cute yellow one with the golden plane on it! ❤


    1. Thank you! I figured I would post about something I recently searched for because it took a while to find the one I wanted. They are so helpful! I just arrived in New Zealand and the travel time was ridiculous. I had to have my passport, ID, credit card, etc with me ALWAYS! I found that one on Etsy! They had tons of options there! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I quite understand. I am studying abroad and if I ever damage or loose my passport, I am royally screwed! So a cover is a really. really good option for me! 🙂


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