Comfy Chic Styles

In college it can be hard to dress chic but also comfortable. Being in Texas, it’s SO hot walking to class and that can be a big issue when trying to pick out clothing for the day. I’ve really had to create comfy, casual, and chic outfits recently and felt the need to share! I think we do get sick of wearing t-shirts everyday and want to look more trendy but it ultimately can be rough finding the right outfits. I’ve found that wearing loose tops with cute bralettes or sports bras underneath are not only practical but cute too. Ya girl needs that breezy look! Then pair that combination with some yoga pants or athletic shorts and BAM you’ve got yourself a comfy and chic outfit. I find that adding a bit of jewelry really impacts the look too. A simple necklace and some basic earrings work wonders. I’ve laid out my favorites below. Feel free to click around on the pics and see what tickles your fancy!

8 16 1011 7 31 43 1 2 44 45 46

28 29 30 27 26 2524 2322 21 20

19 15 1413 12 4

18 17 3

5 6 35

32 33 34

42 41 4038 37 3936

What’s your favorite comfy and chic look? Tanna sig


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