Weekend Update: September 15th

HAPPY FLIPPING FRIDAY FRIENDS. Say that 5 times fast. I’m so excited it’s Friday. This week has been an interesting one. My business fraternity’s recruitment events started this week! That was very satisfying to have some of the events I’ve been planning all summer done and end up being very successful too. Everything is running smoothly. *knocks on wood* We do have two more next week so I better not jinx it. This week was a friends birthday so we celebrated and had a fabulous time. I love celebrating others birthdays. Maybe that’s because I love to embarrass them in any way possible, but hey, that shows I love em.

Weekend Plans: Hmmm. Tonight I’ll be going to work and right after I’m making myself do some laundry because it’s ABOUT TIME. Y’all it’s like last pair of clean undies time. I don’t know why I wait so long. That’s definitely something I need to be better at. Doing my laundry on a regular schedule. I’ll be relaxing for the evening and working on some blogging. Saturday, I’ll be meeting one of my lovely friends to discuss blogging! I find it a little surreal that people turn to me for information on blogging. I have gained a lot of knowledge from others, reading books, and articles but still I feel like I’m learning more and more everyday. I haven’t seen her in ages so it will be a good time catching up too. Sunday, I’ll be off to work, then to meetings, then off to the library to study and do some homework. I love having my Sundays to crank out everything I need to.

My Most Worn Items:
-H&M Shorts!
1. Black Dotted
2. Mint Green Dotted
3. Black
4. Powder
I seriously wear these nonstop. I find new ways to style them all the time, which is awesome. These are the staples everyone needs.

FAB Finds!
1. Sweater Blazer! <—- Y’ALL I want it in every color!
2. Aurora Trapeze Mini DressSong of the week: Live in the Moment – Portugal. The Man

What I’m Reading:
I’m still reading The Servant – James C. Hunter. It’s for my Leadership Communication class but I love it. I think this book is so beneficial to read whether you’re in a leadership position or not.What I’m Watching: Iron Fist! It’s amazing.

Enjoy your weekend!
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