Weekend Update: October 6th

Hello Friday! This week has been a pretty fun one! Of course assignments were due, tests were taken, but that’s nothing new. I’ve been getting ready for ACL weekend two, and by getting ready, I mean planning out outfits! Are you a fan of music festivals? This is the only one I’ve been to and it’s really pretty much amazing. I’m such a fan of music and to be able to see that many artists in three days is incredible! Weekend two starts on starts on Friday the 13th! How cool is that? A Friday the 13th in October, super creepy and AWESOME!

Weekend Plans: Tonight, I’ll be going to a murder mystery event at the museum in town with some friends. I’ve never been to an event like that before so it should be pretty fun! Plus prizes are being given away! Saturday, I’m participating in an almost golf intramural tournament for Alpha Kappa Psi! We play gold on campus with tennis balls instead of golf balls. It’s hilarious! I’m actually really excited to play. I’ll be playing with my friend Sammie. Wish us luck. Then that evening, my fraternity is having a crush event. We will be watching a scary movie outside on a big blow up screen, eating snacks, and enjoying each others company! Sunday, I’ll be working on some exciting stuff for the blog I can’t yet share, but trust me, it’s great. Then of course, it’s study day! I try to make my Sunday’s my busy yet relaxing day. Haha how is that possible? Studying in a face mask is one way!

I had a little fun on SheIn! Have you bought anything from there before?
Dot Design Fishnet Stockings
Metal Frame Clear Lens Glasses
Clear Frame Mirror Lens Sunglasses
Lattice Front Lace Panel Bralet
Lace Trim Triangle Bralette
Scallop Trim Lace Bralette
Pastel Tie Dye Print Drop Shoulder Fishnet Top
Drop Shoulder Frill Detail Dip Hem Tee
Black Metallic Wrap Minimalist Linear String Necklace
Floral Print Random Wrap Self Tie Cami Dress
Tiered Sheer Dobby Mesh Dress
Cold Shoulder Frill Babydoll Dress
And maybe a little fun on American Eagle too!
AEO Vintage Hi-Rise Festival Short, Medium Repair Crackle
Vintage Hi-Rise Festival, Camo Green
AEO Vintage Hi-Rise Festival Short, Brighten My Day
-Also 10 for $35 undies! Holla!! 

My Most Worn Items:
-Athletic shorts
1. Nike Running Shorts
2. Lululemon Tracker Shorts
3. Victoria Secret Running Shorts

Song of the week: Bottom of the Deep blue Sea – Missio

What I’m Reading:
My textbooks, haha! I don’t have time for any free reading. Hopefully I will soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!Tanna sig

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