Baylor homecoming was this weekend and I was able spend time with some old friends and enjoy all of Baylor’s traditions like the bonfire, parade, and football game! Sometimes you can get very caught up in your school routine and everything else that is going on that you forget about the past times. My favorite thing to do with old friends is reminisce on old times and tell lots of stories. Most of my pledge class came down to Waco and we were able to do just that and with other Alpha Kappa Psi alumni too! I still believe the best thing I ever did was join Alpha Kappa Psi in college for the relationships. IMG_752944B2876A-08D2-41E2-A78B-CC8AE7AD4F17IMG_7523IMG_7527IMG_7528SHOP MY LOOK
TOP: Tissue T-shirt
VEST: Oversized Denim Vest (similar)
Vintage Hi-Rise Festival Short
SHOES: Lizzie Quarter Strap Sandals
SUNNIES: Mirror Lens Sunglasses

Enjoy the friendships you build in college and keep up with those friends after! Tanna sig

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