Nothing better than a cozy sweater to bundle up in. I really like having sweaters that are simple, comfortable, and cute! I’ve included some of my favorites below that are reasonably priced and great quality. It’s all about quality to me. I want to buy clothes that I know will last a good amount of time. The best part about sweaters is that you can style them in about a million different ways. I’ve been wearing mine more casually lately to class over t-shirts with jeans, yoga pants, or shorts (because Texas weather y’all). I do love that you can throw on a nice sweater with jeans and boots and make it more dressy too.

0348_7862_615_f 1341_7749_395_f _101355422H0926_NA6489 H3911_NA6823 cn13902475hmprod Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 8.46.10 AM H1551_NA6858

Where do you buy sweaters? I’d love to know!
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