Taking Risks

When I was younger, I remember my parents encouraging me to take chances but also play it safe. I believe that taking a risk is coming out of your comfort zone to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. I think those who take smart risks reap the rewards. I know that starting my blog was a huge risk, but the rewards that have come with it are absolutely INCREDIBLE!

I’ve never been a writer, so starting a blog where I type out my feelings was a scary thought. I DISLIKED my english classes with a fiery passion, but look where I am today. I’m writing nonstop about how I feel and what I adore, which is also a huge risk. I’m writing about how I feel personally on the internet where others can see.

I think that taking risks means to truly be BRAVE. My passion is having a voice and letting others be heard through that voice. I encourage everyone to take a little risk. Sometimes you just need to hear that it can be rewarding. I know that seeing other people take risks is what motivated me. Step out of your bubble and see just how amazing it can be.

With love always,

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