A Dress For Every Season

If theres one thing we can rely on in Texas, it’s that the weather is going to be very unpredictable. It can be 20 degrees and snowing one day then 70 degrees the next. This can be somewhat of a problem when it comes to changing out my clothes for the seasons. Basically, I can’t! I have my spring, summer, fall, and winter clothing crammed into my closet ready for any sort of weather at this point. The other day, I was looking through my clothing trying to get outfits together for photoshoots when I had a thought, why not pair some of my pretty spring and summer clothes with my more edgy fall and winter clothes. Many of us wouldn’t normally do this because our season clothing would be separate, but I thought why the heck not! I’m a big fan of creating new outfits from clothing I already have. It’s been fairly chilly recently but then warms up in the afternoon, so I paired a thin turtleneck with this fun embroidered dress. Adding this turtleneck gives you a little more warmth than just the dress alone. It also gives you a little more flair too.

DSC_1313 copyDSC_1335 copyDSC_1332 copyDSC_1305 copyDSC_1299 copyDSC_1294 copyDSC_1328 copy
Top: Striped Turtleneck
Dress: This one is sold out at Plum but here is something similar
Shoes: Leila Booties
Bag: Dinky Bag (similar)

How do you feel about restyling clothing for every season? Let me know!

With love always,

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