Weekend Update: January 19th

Hiya guys! This week has been an interesting one to say the least. I had school off on Monday for MLK day, then Tuesday classes cancelled because Texas likes to FREAK out when there is a slight chance of ice on the ground. I’m always expecting a huge blizzard to roll on through when we get snow days but a day like that has never come! I just want to build a snowman y’all! There hasn’t been any snow but it has been COLD here. It was about 15 degrees for a couple days and now it’s steadily getting warmer but still cold enough for two jackets. These are the moments when I wish I had a fireplace in my apartment! I decided to give my blog heading a little makeover during my time off too. Let me know what you think. I only had classes Wednesday and Thursday but the week seemed to drag which was weird. Anyone else have these weeks like this? All in all, I see this last semester of college being a GREAT one. I plan on spending as much time as I can with friends making awesome memories.

Weekend Plans: Tonight, I’m planning on cleaning my apartment and packing for this tomorrow. I might have a couple friends over to catch up on the Bachelor too. It’s definitely going to be a very chill and relaxing evening. Saturday, I’ll be heading to my hometown with my brother and cousin for my grandma’s birthday! It should be a nice time visiting the fam and celebrating. After that we’ll be heading to a friends ranch for the weekend to relax a bit. I love Waco, but it’s always nice to get away and be one with nature. Growing up in a small town, I’ve kinda always had that luxury. Haha, but back then I never thought of it as a luxury. Sunday, We’ll head back to the Wack. I’ll be catching up on some reading and homework. Then have a movie night that evening! What will we be watching? I have no idea!

This wasn’t everything I purchased this week but it’s items I’ve purchased recently. American Eagle was having some awesome sales so you can bet I participated in that! Some other purchases were from Amazon and Target.
1. Lace bralette in deep plum
2. Lace cross-back bralette in somber navy
3. Boho lace plunge bralette in dusty sage
4. Soft & sexy long-sleeve t-shirt
5. Ruffle tee
6. Cell phone stick on wallet card holder
7. Wireless camera remote (y’all these babies are amazing when you need pictures but can’t find anyone to take them. This remote and my tri-pod are my children!)
8. Armina backless loafer mules
9. Deena Sneakers Jogger
10. Better Than Sex Mascara

My Most Worn Items:
-My leggings
-My cozy cardigan
-My northface jacket
-My hipster boots, as I like to call them

Song of the week: Treat You Right – Honne

What I’m Reading: 
Honestly I’ve just been reading articles online. I need to pick up a good book and get to it.

Have an awesome weekend!

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