A Jacket Reworn

This jacket. Y’all! I was shocked when my grandmother said I could have this beauty. You guys know I’m all about finding vintage pieces at thrift stores but it feels even better when I get a vintage piece from a family member. I think it’s because you actually get to hear the stories behind the clothing. For example, where the person who gave it to you bought it or where they remember wearing it out. It’s funny, because every time I’m looking at my grandma’s old clothes or purses she’s always shocked I even like it at all. Funny how styles come back in after a while. This outfit was beyond fun to wear because I started with the jacket then matched from there. I felt like this was a very Santa Fe vibe outfit and you can definitely catch me wearing it A LOT! Just look at the detailing on this beaut! I’m in love. Can you tell?

DSC_1206 copyDSC_1201 copyDSC_1225 copyDSC_1233 copyDSC_1257 copyDSC_1246 copyDSC_1256 copyDSC_1211 copyDSC_1242 copyDSC_1226 copy
Top: Teddie Sweater (similar)
Bottoms: Black Skinny Jeans (on mega SALE)
Boots: Black Double Zip Booties
Hat: Black Felt Hat (similar)

Do you have any vintage clothing that’s been passed down in your family?

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