Weekend Update: February 2nd

I’m going to recap this week and the past week. Last week I was given the opportunity to speak at the junior high and high school in my hometown. Honestly, at first, I was like wait who? Me?! For real? I was asked to speak about college life, my experiences in high school and college, and discuss my blogging and what it’s done for my career. It was such a rewarding experience speaking to these young impressionable minds. I feel like when I was younger I thought junior high or high school was the most important thing, when in reality, it definitely wasn’t. I’m the type of person who feels like if I can help or guide one person in the right direction then I’ve done a good job and it’s been worth it.
This week has been a pretty amazing one. I wasn’t on social media too often because I’ve been out n about enjoying life and getting to know some pretty amazing people a little more. It’s interesting to see how life unfolds sometimes and how people you’ve known for a while become so much closer to you than you ever imagined. I think opening yourself up to others is the best way to live. Without this, you’re totally missing out on some amazing humans.

Weekend Plans: Today, I’ll be working until early afternoon then I might go hike a little in Cameron park. I think my favorite thing to do on a nice day is to just get outside and enjoy it. Y’all, I’m so glad Waco has Cameron Park. I’ve clocked in a lot of hours hiking and just chilling there. It’s a great place to take a friend and talk. I also really like it because I can put my phone in my backpack and enjoy being without it for a while. This evening my plans are up in the air. More than likely, I’ll be hanging out with friends watching Ghost Adventures. Have you guys seen it? It’s GOLD. Saturday, I’ll most likely be hanging out with friends again and working on some homework. It’s so strange to not have my weekends completely packed and planned out. Sunday, I’ll be working on group projects and watching the super bowl with friends. Are you a football fan? I’m honestly not a football fan but I don’t mind watching football if that makes sense. I don’t not like it lol. I think my all time favorite part about the super bowl is getting together with friends and making some LEGIT finger foods. Thank you Pinterest for the great ideas!

I actually didn’t buy anything these past two weeks shopping wise beside lots of snacks, haha!

My Most Worn Items:
-My Toms Sneakers
-My High Waisted Black Ripped Jeans
-My Black Leather Booties

Song of the week: Underdog – Banks

What I’m Reading:
I’ve been rereading the Prisoner of Azkaban for the billionth time.

Have a great weekend!

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