Blazered & Bedazzled

If you know me, you know I LOVE me some blazers. My collection has been growing rapidly lately, having received some as gifts or snagging some of super sale. I think I enjoy wearing a blazer so much because they walk the line between masculine and feminine. I plan on going into the business world where most of the time business professional or at least business casual dress is required. Having these fun blazers help me showcase my style while also looking snazzy as hell! I like them because you can dress them up or dress them down. I’ve thrown a blazer on with some comfy jeans and a simple tee and BAM! Cute outfit. Most of my blazers come from J.Crew, J.Crew Factory, Banana Republic Factory, Ann Taylor, LOFT, and Forever 21. Y’all, I’ve NEVER paid full price for a blazer. I’m all about quality but not paying a pretty penny so I’m always keeping my eyes out for sales.

DSC_1348 copyDSC_1392 copyDSC_1407 copyDSC_1413 copyDSC_1365 copyDSC_1376 copyDSC_1417 copyDSC_1354 copyDSC_1452 copyDSC_1424 copyDSC_1404 copy

Oh man, these beauties. I’m still drooling a little over these mules from Target! However, they aren’t THE most comfortable shoes in the world. They’re great for a date or something that’s not an all day event. Are you a fan of mules? I really love they way they look and how easy they are to throw on and walk about the door.

with love,

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