Weekend Update: February 23rd

This week has been a weird one. I’m not sure as to why. Maybe because of the bipolar Texas weather. Monday was a blur and then Tuesday I had 2/3 of my classes cancelled. Tuesday evening I went to a Baylor basketball game! Andrew had never been to a Baylor basketball game before.. I think that’s absolutely crazy. We all had a pretty good time and ended up getting ice cream after at this new place in town called Sub Zero. It’s ice cream made with nitrogen! It’s really cool to watch them make it and extremely delicious. Wednesday evening was date night with Andrew and we saw Black Panther. Y’all! It was SO good. I was intrigued the ENTIRE time. I highly recommend this movie if you like super hero movies. Yesterday was my Friday as far as classes and it was the coldest day of the week too. I was freezing walking across campus. Overall this semester has been going pretty well. I can’t believe it’s my last one.
Weekend Plans: Today, as always, I’m working until about 2. Then I’m meeting up with someone for a collaboration. I’m so excited to share with you guys. It’s something extremely tasty! Then I’m hanging with the gals and doing some shopping around Waco. This evening, a group of us are going to the Hippodrome to watch a live stream of SING, which is a big production the organizations on campus put on. It’s really freaking cool. It should be a pretty good time. Saturday, my fraternity is having their take-a-date event at the trampoline park in town! I’m actually really stoked about it because I’ve never been to a trampoline park before. Wish me luck as my nonathletic butt tries to do flips! I’m not quite sure what we’ll be doing the rest of the day. I’m sure I’ll get together with friends and go out that evening. Sunday, I get to see my friend Lizzy! She’s bringing her ruff, Salem, and we are going to catch up and take a hike around Cameron Park. It should be a really great weekend all in all.

My favorite DW candles! I buy them at Marshalls and they’re a little bit cheaper.

My Most Worn Items:
Longchamp Bag

Song of the Week: Delicate – Taylor Swift


Have a great weekend!

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