Weekend Update: March 16th

WOW! This week has been a catch up week after an incredible Spring Break. As you guys know I went to Boston. It was SO cold. Snow was everywhere and I loved it! Prime snowball fights took place, as well as my friends picking up snow boulders and throwing them on me, haha. Good times indeed. I think what I liked most about Boston was how historical it was. We walked the freedom trail and went to a couple museums, but still didn’t even see everything. Overall, it was a Spring Break I’ll always remember. This week was a very exciting one for me because I picked up my cap and gown for graduation!! I cannot believe I graduate college in May! Freaking finally! I’m still have panic attacks every now and then thinking about being a real adult and having to get a job but it’s fine, haha! I’m interviewing with companies and things are going very well. Now all I’m worried about is what I’m going to wear for graduation. I found my dress but I’m currently still looking for some shoes!
Weekend Plans: Today, I’m working a longer day than normal, but then I have a very eventful evening planned. I’m heading to Cameron Park after work to hike a little bit and soak up some sun. I’m so excited for it to warm up in Texas. I used to not like the summers here, but after a long cold winter like we’ve had I can’t wait for some warm weather. After hiking, I’m going to the Baylor baseball game! I really enjoy going to Baylor sporting events and enjoy how easy it is for students to go as well. After the game, I’ll be headed to campus to watch guerrilla troupe perform! They are an improv group that’s hilarious! If you’re a Baylor student or in the Waco area, I highly recommend checking them out. Saturday, is going to be another very event filled day! I’ll be going with friends to the food truck showdown to eat some awesome food from food trucks all over Texas! Then, because it’s St. Patrick’s Day, we’ll be headed to the Barnett’s Irish pub to celebrate and hangout. I’m stoked y’all. I’ve always wanted to try green beer! Yes, I know it’s just beer dyed green but still! That evening, Andrew and I will be going to Whiskey Myers in Dallas. I’m such a big fan of live music and can’t wait to sing, dance, and enjoy the show. Sunday, is always my chill day. I’ll probably look over what homework is due in class and write down everything in my planner. I thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking so I might make something! Who knows at this point.

-the cutest dress from Zara! (this is my grad dress!)

My Most Worn Items:
Pali sandals

Song of the Week: Across the Room (feat. Leon Bridges) – ODESZA

 What are your plans for the weekend?
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