Weekend Update: March 23rd

This week was pretty normal! I had a couple events with my business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. We are getting new members, which is very exciting! I’m also on a sand volleyball team for intramurals and both our teams won! That was really fun. I’m a big fan of playing sports and watching them, so it was nice to get back into it for a bit. I went hiking with Andrew is Cameron Park because it has felt amazing this week. I’m hoping the weather stays like this. I’m such a fan of warm weather. I like it about 80 degrees with a nice breeze that isn’t too cold haha. I’m always freezing! I bring blankets with me everywhere or I store them at places I go often. One of the best blankets I’ve gotten recently is from Dorm Decor! Y’all.. it’s so soft AND has my monogram! Don’t worry, pictures will be coming soon as well as an entire blog post!
Weekend Plans: Today, work, work, work. Then I’m hanging out with the gals! We are grabbing ice cream and shopping.  That evening I’m getting Shorty’s pizza with friends and relaxing. I’ve been playing Kingdom Hearts for the first time through and I’ll most likely be doing that after pizza and sangrias! Saturday,  I’ll be up early to run the Bearathon 6k! I wish I could run the half but it’s way too intense for my knees. The people that run it are beasts! I don’t have too many plans for Saturday day but that evening I’ll be going out with friends and celebrating an old friend being in town. Sunday, I’m laying in bed for as long as I can. Then I might get my butt outside and hike in Cameron Park. I’ve got some homework to catch up on so I’m thinking I might hammock and do a little of it too.

-These ADORABLE wedges for graduation!

What I’m Crushin’ On:
-Super cute ruffled dress
-Literally everything from the Anthropologie home collection that is now at Nordstrom! –This duvet I’m crushin’ on HARD! I can’t wait to redo an apartment when I graduate and move!
-Leather biker jacket!! (I NEED this)

My Most Worn Items:
Nike Shorts
-My good ole Birks

Song of the Week: Moby Dick – Jakey

Have a great weekend!
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