Weekend Update: June 8th

This Week

Oh my goodness. What a week. I’ve been healing up from my root canals. It wasn’t too bad, but it was just an annoying pain that’s still kind of around. This week has been full of packing, organizing, etc. Yesterday, I went to Waco to do some last minute errands and hangout with some friends. It was a really nice time. So I’ve been getting my nails done in Waco for some time and decided to get them done again before I left. While I was having them done I actually became kind of sad because now I’ll have to find a new nail place in Tulsa. It’s been nice to have my place, ya know?

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m organizing all of my things and packing it all away in a U-haul trailer! Then getting to bed early because we are getting up EXTREMELY early to drive to Tulsa.
Saturday, is move in day!! I can’t believe it. My mom and I are leaving at about 5:00AM to drive to Tulsa and move into my apartment. Then we will be unpacking and such all evening. Sunday, I’ll be unpacking some more and hanging out with my mom and sister.


I bought some good stuff this week!
1. Plaid Cami Dress
2. Faux Leather Skirt
3. Sequined Lip Print T-shirt
4. Wink Eyes Print Tee
5. Knot Front Striped Tee
6. Overall Dress
7. Gingham Dress
8. Criss Cross Strappy Band Sandal
9. Black Slide Sandal
10. Round Lens Sunglasses
11. Crop Halter Top – great for the 4th of July!
12. Plant Embroidery T-shirt
1. 15269016793594569670_thumbnail_900x 2. 15101317412348512256_thumbnail_900x 3. 1462008326388992080_thumbnail_900x
4. 14991592835106935184_thumbnail_900x 5. 15236103423863138369_thumbnail_900x 6. 15275829653461000875_thumbnail_900x
7. 15253349901207502698_thumbnail_900x 8. 15204149779040278375_thumbnail_900x 9. 15197003198836941970_thumbnail_900x
10. 14767545979634676842_thumbnail_900x 11. 14985563352272023809_thumbnail_900x 12. 15006889850544931934_thumbnail_900x

What I’m Crushin’ On:

J. Crew Factory has the CUTEST new arrivals and they are all on SUPER sale! Then there’s always Urban coming in with the most unique and trendy pieces.
1. Adorable tiered tank
2. Gingham tank with a bow!
3. Embroidered peplum tee
4. The comfiest looking knit ruffle shorts
5. Get naked bath mat! I’m obsessed with these get naked ones. I think they’re SO funny!
6. Button down linen midi dress

1. J0871_RD6126 2. Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.02.45 AM 3. Screen Shot 2018-06-08 at 9.01.57 AM
4. J0438_PR5970 5. 46395109_065_b 6. 44860252_018_b

My Most Worn Items:

-Big comfy t-shirts
-My Nike shoes

Song of the Week: The General Specific – Band of Horses

Have a GREAT weekend!

Love always,

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