Weekend Update: August 17th

This Week

This week has been very productive. I joined a workout studio called StudioPOP! It’s cycling and yoga! Yeah.. best of both worlds! I’ve always been SO hesitant to join a gym or studio because I felt like most places I tried out were VERY intense or judgmental, which is a huge turnoff for me. Not all places are like that though, obviously, because I found THE place where I fit in. StudioPOP is a place where I can be comfortable working out and being in my own skin. I’m pretty freaking excited! Y’all the cycling has been kicking my butt. I. AM. SORE. but so happy.

This was Andrew’s last week in Tulsa for a while because he’s finishing up his last year at Baylor. Woohoo! I’m sad because I’ll miss being able to see him all the time but I’m also excited because he’s been here since I moved to Tulsa. I’m finally going to be on my own here, which is scary but also SO exhilarating. I think when you’re in a relationship you have to have your own happiness outside of your significant other. To me, your significant other shouldn’t be your sole source of happiness. You have to find yourself and what makes you happy then share that with your partner and embrace what makes them happy too.

Weekend Plans

Today, Andrew left at 5:30AM *insert crying emoji* then I went to Studiopop to workout. It was an intense one but worth it, especially for the coffee I always grab on the way out. LOL. I’m working until 5 then heading to Fayetteville to celebrate with my sister for her birthday! I’m SO excited for a girls weekend with her. I’ve only ever been there for a couple hours at a time so it’s going to be nice to chill and be there for an entire weekend. Saturday and Sunday plans are up in the air. I know there will definitely be brunch involved and probably some hiking too. I think sometimes not making plans and going with the flow is the best way to enjoy a weekend.


This week my shopping has been very minimal. Since I’ve been working out a lot more, I wanted to get some protein powder and I caved.. I got a shaker. LOL It’s the best way to blend the powder OKAY?! I’ve also been looking into ordering some outfits from Fabletics. I’ve heard so many good things and it’s SO cheap the first time you order.
Amazon Shopping
1. BlenderBottle Shaker
2. Orgain Protein Powder
3. My favorite flavor of Cliff bars!
Fabletics Shopping
1. Seamless sports bra
2. Sheer cutout sports bra
3. Pretty hair ties
4. The CUTEST sports bra and yoga pant set! ( I got this set in two different colors)
5. Super cute shirt and yoga pant set! (I love that they sell shirts and yoga pants together!)

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. Colorblock cardigan – $22.00 – I want to have a lot of cardigans for this fall.
2. Merci sweater – $22.00
3. Basic slides – $12.99
4. Striped peplum tee – $39.00 – I’m always into peplums
5. These beautiful Nike shoes – $135 *insert crying emoji*

Show of the Week: Insatiable on Netflix. I actually really like this show. It’s funny and does bring big issues individuals struggle with to light in a satirical way.

Podcast of the Week: Girls Gotta Eat! It’s SO good.

Have a awesome weekend!

Love always,

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