Weekend Update: August 24th

This Week

This week has been interesting, that’s for sure. I met up with someone who I consider an amazing mentor and ultimately a friend on Tuesday. It was great because I was able to rant and just talk about how I’m feeling about my life currently and take their advice on the situation. I highly recommend everyone find a mentor or two. Being able to talk with someone so openly and hear what they’ve been through is tremendously helpful.

This week I was also lucky enough to get sick. WOOHOO. Don’t you just love getting sick? I sure as heck don’t. I feel so out of control of my body and that’s super scary for me. Not only this, but I hate missing work. I’m a workaholic and have to be working or doing something constantly. It’s honestly something I should work on. I think I need to be able to relax a little sometimes and just chill without my mind bouncing all around. Yoga and meditation is REALLY helping with that.

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m working per usual, but after work… I’m headed to Waco! Yeah.. My friends convinced me. Not like it’s too hard to convince me to see them though. I’m SO excited!! Tonight we are getting together when I get into town to hot tub and catch up. Saturday, I’m hanging out with my gals. We are brunching at Milo, a trendy biscuit place, and hanging by the pool talking about anything and everything that’s been going on in our lives. That evening, we are taking on the town, haha that is Waco. Who knows where we will end up, but as long as I’m with my friends, I don’t care. Sunday, I’m sure we’ll get breakfast and take it easy until I have to head back to Tulsa. I think it’s SO important to spend time with friends, even if you’re far away. Making the effort and drive to see them speaks wonders.


Nothing for this girl! I know.. I can’t believe it either.

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’ More recently, I’m looking at festival outfits because ACL is just around the corner.
1. The CUTEST striped tube top – $24.95
2. Checked cropped two piece set – $14.00
3. Strappy blocked heel sandals – $34.00
4. This pretty silk hair scarf – $12.00
5. Cutoff denim Levi shorts – $59.00
6. Suede Mules – $26.99

Show of the Week: Younger! There are 4 seasons on Hulu and I’m shamelessly on season 4 already.. #oops.

Podcast of the Week: The Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher – Y’all she’s a freaking dream. I LOVE her too. She’s so motivational and is helping me get back into doing my Etsy shop. Stay tuned darlings.

Let me know what you guys are up to this weekend!

Have a great one!

Love always,

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