Weekend Update: August 31st

This Week

This week has been fairly normal, besides the fact that I decided to start a YouTube channel. I love to talk to individuals through vlogging on Insta stories and decided that, I should take this to the next level. Welp, that next level is YOUTUBE! I know it’s going to be hard because I know nothing about editing videos but I’m so excited to learn. I feel like being able to edit a video as a creative is an important skill to have. I’m not saying I know NOTHING about editing, but I don’t know much. Thank goodness for YouTube tutorials on how to edit YouTube videos LOL!

The main reason for this big change, or addition, I should say, is that Instagram was starting to make me second guess my talents and abilities as a creative. I noticed that the more time I threw into mindlessly liking photos and commenting “girl, this outfit is SO cute” I wasn’t being true to myself. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely thought the outfit was cute but it just wasn’t me to say it like that, if that makes sense. I felt like I started losing the real me because I wasn’t ever getting the results I wanted at the “real” me. Well jokes on me for that because I don’t know if I truly was being 100% authentic and genuinely me. Until now. Screw what society wants fashion or lifestyle bloggers to be. I’m not going to waste my time mindlessly liking photos anymore unless I TRULY like the picture. I’m going to spend the time I have available building my brand, videoing, blogging and writing, pinning my fav styles on Pinterest (my new favorite thing recently), or spending my time with my loved ones.

If you know me in person, or have been following me for a while, you know I’m glued to my phone. Well, I decided to make a BIG step for me. I’m not going to get on my phone AT ALL while eating with friends or family. If I want a picture of something, I better have brought my camera. I think that spending time with your friends and family is the most important thing we can do because life is short y’all!

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m working until about 12:30 then headed back to Waco for the weekend! It seems like just yesterday I was there. Oh wait, that’s because my friends convinced me to come last weekend too! Nah, I’m actually excited to go back and see them again. Tonight, we might go hot tubbing and just chill. I always get so stuff driving the 5 and a half hours from Tulsa to Waco so it feels SOOO good to sit in a hot tub for a couple hours after.

Saturday, I’ll probably get up and go to the farmers market for Nightlight donuts. Y’all, I swear they’re the BEST! Like drool worthy. My mouth is watering just thinking about these delicious treats. Speaking of delicious treats, I’ll probably head over to Heritage Creamery where Hanna is selling her Bittersweet cookies! Remember those cookies I’m always taking pictures of and raving about? If you’ve forgotten, pop over to this post. I’ll wait. YEAH. Those. You can go to Heritage Creamery and get them now. She even introduced new flavors like smores, cookies n cream, and peanut butter cup. Thank goodness for my spin class with the way I’m addicted to treats. After I get my sugar fix, I’m heading to the Baylor football game with the homies. I’m so excited! I never liked football until college. That evening, our plans are up in the air.

Sunday, BRUNCH & HIKING. Yup. Those are the only plans I have. I’ll probably end up playing World of Warcraft with Andrew that night. Y’all, it’s so much fun. I’m a huge nerd and PROUD! Monday is Labor Day so I’m hanging out in Waco then heading back to Tulsa.


This week my shopping consisted of food from Target, ducktape to tape my window up in my car because it decided to fall last weekend, and a waterproof phone case from Amazon! If that’s not the realist shopping list you’ve ever heard, idk what is!

Labor day weekend is upon us and guess what?! SALES ARE HAPPENIN‘ *happy dances around the room*
I’ve got you covered in tomorrows post ALL about the AMAZING sales going on.

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. Boyfriend Jeans – $39
2. Snap Up Fleece Jacket – $40.80
3. Twisted Striped Shirt – $9
4. Layered Ruffle Top – $14
5. The Prettiest Leather Mules – $89.95 – SPLURGE WORTHY!

Show of the Week: Bachelor in Paradise! Y’all, I know it’s terrible. I understand that it’s absolutely ridiculous, but I can’t stop watching it. As a communication major, I’ve been analyzing everything too on the show. Like are these actual relationships, what is their body language saying?!

Podcast of the Week: I’ve still been listening to Jenna Kutcher’s Goal Digger podcast nonstop but Starving Artist is another one I LOVE.

Have an awesome 3 day weekend!

Love always,

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