Weekend Update: September 7th

This Week

It’s September!!! Which means… IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Yeah.. I’m that person. September brings so many exciting things. First, September brings my favorite season… fall! Bring on the sweaters, boots, scarves, pumpkin spice everything and.. well sweating in those sweaters, boots, and scarves because it doesn’t actually get that cold here. Well, I’m assuming. This will be my first fall in Oklahoma and I’m assuming it’s pretty much the same and hot ole Texas. Not only does September bring fall but it also brings the start of college football, which I’m super excited about. I still can’t believe I just said that. High school me would be like “uhh what? You hate football.” BUT I actually started to like it when I attended my first Baylor football game. I think it’s because of the feeling you get surrounded by hundreds of people supporting and yelling for the same thing. I love being part of the Baylor fam. Finally, my favorite part of September is my birthday which happens to fall on National Coffee Day! What are the odds?!

This week flew by. Honestly I can’t really say too much about it. I’ve been trying to go to Studiopop everyday and blog as often as I can. Some exciting news actually is that Studiopop made me their September member of the month! Check out their post here. Haha I’m convinced they just feel sorry for me because I’m always there and have no friends in Tulsa. Kidding. I have like two friends in Tulsa. haha! In other news my A/C broke in my apartment and I was like “oh god. this is going to suck.” BUT my apartment complex gave me the keys to their fancy corporate suite!! How awesome is that?! See some photos here. I just couldn’t believe it because I’ve never lived in a place where they were so willing to help me out and make me feel comfortable.

Weekend Plans

Today, I’m working until 5 then…. Trim roll please.. headed to Fayetteville because ya girl is never going to get a peaceful weekend in Tulsa. Haha, not that I’m complaining because I get to see my sister! Once I get to Fayetteville, I’m sure my sister and I will want to get some food and hangout. I still can’t believe I’m so close to her now. She lives in Colorado for like 10 years before this. So it’s awesome to be able to drive 2 hours and see her.

Saturday, my sister has to work so I’ll be working on some fun projects until she’s off. I might even go get a treatment. If you guys don’t know, my sister does Chinese medicine, so I try to get treatments on my shoulder when I can. Once she’s off work we are headed to Pesto Fest!! Y’all. I’m SO excited for this. I’m going to be taking videos while I’m there and try to bring you along with me. If you’re in the Tulsa or Fayetteville area, you should definitely go!

Sunday, BRUNCH. Probably. We might also get some coffee and go hiking or kayaking. Basically take it easy before I head back to Tulsa.


Hmmmm… I don’t think I actually bought anything this week. I am looking for a good smoothie blender though, so if you have some recommendations, SEND THEM MY WAY!

What I’m Crushin’ On:

I’m ALWAYS crushin’ on somethin’
1. The comfiest surf sweater – $23
2. Grey suede booties – $100
3. Corduroy sneakers – $60
4. Cozy cardigan – $30 – I feel like you can wear this no matter the season!

Show of the Week: Last weekend I had the urge to rewatch Vampire Diaries while Andrew was gaming and I’m hooked again. This is like the 23498 time I’m watching it. Have you seen it before? It’s a little cheesy but like the good cheesy!

Podcast of the Week: This week I accidentally found out Jenna and Julian have a podcast.. Like Jenna Marbles. I can’t stop laughing. I LOVE them already and this is making me love them even more.

Y’all, do something AMAZING this weekend!

Love always,

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